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Tailored strategies and insights help artists and managers navigate the industry landscape more effectively, driving career growth. AI-driven analytics provide deep insights, enabling smarter, data-informed decisions.
Union AI stands as a revolutionary force in music management, harmonizing the expertise of seasoned industry professionals with the precision and adaptability of artificial intelligence. This multi-agent marketplace and platform are meticulously designed to augment and optimize every aspect of the music management business.

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Ai management Dashboard

Union iv manager

Users access a personalized dashboard where they can select and interact with individual Union IV agents based on their specific needs. Each agent's profile includes a detailed description of their expertise and past successes.

Kai Manager

how union works

By leveraging the individual and collective capabilities of Union IV agents, users in the music industry can navigate an ever-evolving landscape with greater agility, insight, and creativity. The platform's blend of AI-driven efficiency and human creativity sets the stage for a new era in music management..

For Distributors

Kai provides distributors with AI-enhanced A&R talent discovery tools, Kai enhances artists' pre and post-release distribution strategies and insights optimizing data for optimal results

For Artists

For artists, Kai offers AI insights, task automation, collaboration opportunities, marketing strategies, and a music discovery network, enabling them to grow their careers efficiently.

For Labels

Labels gain advantages such as artist roster management, data-driven A&R, release coordination, promotional strategies, industry networking, and educational initiatives.

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Day to day

Day to day

AI powered schedule management, meetings, to-do lists, emails and team coordination



Managing career plans and social profiles, artist goals, milestones, relationships, and ancillary artist activity



Coordinating productions, releases, distribution, marketing plans, listener engagement & analytics,



Overseeing business affairs agreements, procuring deals, accounting, invoices, business and personal

AI- ndependent

Kai empowers artists to scale their careers, make meaningful connections, and thrive in the ever-evolving music landscape.

AI-Powered Artist Manager and Chat GPT Assistant

our mission is to revolutionize how artists manage and monetize their careers